Lab Alumni

Dr Philip MatthewsARC DECRA Research Fellow

After completing his PhD at the University of Adelaide, Phil spent three years at UQ in the Evolutionary Physiology lab as an ARC Postdoctoral Fellow (2008-2011) before returning to Adelaide for a year. He then returned to UQ in 2012 as an ARC DECRA Fellow to examine the mechanistic basis of gas exchange in insects. He is now (July 2014) an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia.

Dr Natalie SchimpfHonours 2008, PhD 2013

Schimpf, N.G., Matthews, P.G.D. and White, C.R. (2013) Discontinuous gas exchange exhibition is a heritable trait in speckled cockroaches Nauphoeta cinerea. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26: 1588-1597

Schimpf, N.G., Matthews, P.G.D. and White, C.R. (2012) Cockroaches that exchange respiratory gases discontinuously survive food and water restriction. Evolution 66: 597-604

Schimpf, N.G., Matthews, P.G.D. and White, C.R. (2012) Standard metabolic rate is associated with gestation duration, but not clutch size, in speckled cockroaches Nauphoeta cinerea. Biology Open 1: 1185-1191

Schimpf, N.G., Matthews, P.G.D., Wilson, R.S. and White, C.R. (2009) Cockroaches breathe discontinuously to reduce respiratory water loss. Journal of Experimental Biology 212: 2773-2780

Dr Taryn CrispinHonours 2009, PhD 2014

Crispin, T.S. and White, C.R. (2013) The effect of thermal acclimation on organ mass, tissue respiration and allometry in Leichhardtian river prawns, Macrobrachium tolmerum (Riek, 1951). Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 86: 470-481

Dr Pieter ArnoldHonours 2012, PhD 2016, Research Assistant 2017

Piet completed his Honours and PhD in the Evolutionary Physiology Lab and was a Research Assistant for the lab in 2017. As of Feb 2018, Piet is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ANU with Professor Adrienne Nicotra and Professor Loeske Kruuk.

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Arnold, P.A., et al. (2017) Entomol. Exp. Appl. 163: 93-100

Arnold, P.A., Cassey, P. and White, C.R. (2017) Funct. Ecol. 31: 653-661

Arnold, P.A., Cassey, P. and White, C.R. (2016) Anim. Behav. 111: 181-188

Arnold, P.A., White, C.R. and Johnson, K.N. (2015) J. Gen. Virol. 96: 3667-3671

Arnold, P.A., Johnson, K.N. and White, C.R. (2013)  J. Exp. Biol. 216: 3350-3357

Agnieszka Gudowska – Visiting PhD Candidate 2017

In 2017, Agnieszka visited the Evolutionary Physiology Lab where she studied the fitness consequences of engaging discontinuous and continuous gas exchange pattern in cockroaches (Nauphoeta cinerea).  Email | ResearchGate

Aidan JanetzkiHonours 2014/2015

Metabolic plasticity in tropical ectotherms

Lauren MulkearnsHonours 2014/2015

The influence of social dominance on feeding preference in the speckled cockroach Nauphoeta cinerea

Rebecca YaunHonours 2014/2015

Interactive effects of diet and sleep on survival strategies in the cockroach Nauphoeta cinerea

Lauren Harrison – Honours 2013

The consequences of metabolic depression on the specific dynamic action of the speckled cockroach, Nauphoeta cinerea

Jacinta Kong – Honours 2013

The effect of temperature on the interspecific and intraspecific body mass-metabolic rate scaling relationship: Testing the Metabolic Theory of Ecology

Jordan Phoenix – Honours 2013

The effect of chronic cold exposure on daily energy expenditure and the metabolic cost of locomotion

Niky Wu – Honours 2013

Wu, N.C., Alton, L.A., Clemente, C.J., Kearney, M.R. and White, C.R. (2015) Morphology and burrowing energetics of semi-fossorial skinks (Liopholis). Journal of Experimental Biology 218: 2416-2426

Mischa TurschwellHonours 2012

Turschwell, M.P. and White, C.R. (2016) The effects of laboratory housing and spatial enrichment on brain size and metabolic rate in the eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki. Biology Open 5: 205-2010

Tom CallaghanHonours 2012

Sex dependence of acclimation responses in eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki

Hamish BartrimHonours 2010

Bartrim, H., Matthews, P.G.D., Lemon, S. and White, C.R. (2014) Oxygen induced tracheal plasticity alters the exhibition of discontinuous gas exchange cycles in the speckled cockroach (Nauphoeta cinerea). Journal of Comparative Physiology B 184: 977-990

Christian HartHonours 2010

The effect of pH on the metabolic rate in mosquitofish.

Lucy MerrittHonours 2009/2010

Merritt, L., Matthews, P.G.D. and White, C.R. (2013) Performance correlates of resting metabolic rate in garden skinks Lampropholis delicata. Journal of Comparative Physiology B 183: 663-673

Cameron SchofieldHonours 2009/2010

Effects of oxygen availability on the metabolic allometry of cane toads Bufo marinus.

Fabian VacaHonours 2008

Vaca, H.F. and White, C.R. (2010) Environmental modulation of metabolic allometry in ornate rainbowfish Rhadinocentrus ornatus. Biology Letters. 6: 136-138