Lab Members

Professor Craig WhiteGroup Leader

Craig completed his PhD at the University of Adelaide in 2004, before moving to the UK to complete a PostDoc at the University of Birmingham.  He moved to the University of Queensland as a Lecturer in 2007, and came to Monash University as a Professor in 2015. He was an ARC QEII Fellow from 2009-2013 and is currently (2014-2017) an ARC Future Fellow.

Dr Candice Bywater – Postdoctoral Research Fellow / Laboratory Manager

Candice completed her PhD with Associate Professor Robbie Wilson at the University of Queensland, before working with Associate Professor Michael Kearney at the University of Melbourne. She joined the Evolutionary Physiology Lab in 2015.


Julian BeamanPhD Candidate

Julian completed honours at the University of Sydney with Professor Frank Seebacher, and for his PhD will examine trans-generational plasticity in gas exchange in cockroaches, Nauphoeta cinerea.

Hugh Winwood-SmithPhD Candidate

Hugh completed honours in the Evolutionary Physiology Lab in 2013, working on metabolic plasticity in cane toads. His PhD research will examine the physiological consequences of high protein diets in Drosophila melanogaster.

Amanda PettersonPhD Candidate (co-supervised)

Amanda is based in the MEEG group at Monash University. Her general research interests lie within the field of marine invertebrate larval ecophysiology and evolution. She is currently investigating maternal energy investment in offspring and the ecological and evolutionary consequences of reproductive strategies. Her primary questions are: how costly are maternal reproductive strategies; and what are the consequences of these reproductive strategies for maternal fitness?

Lukas Schuster – PhD Candidate (co-supervised)

Lukas is based in the MEEG group at Monash University. His main interests are the evolution and ecology of physiological traits in marine invertebrates. In particular, Lukas is focusing on the consequences of intraspecific variation in resting metabolism of the arborescent marine bryozoan Bugula neritina.

James Matcott – PhD Candidate (co-supervised)

James is based in the MEEG group at Monash University. His primary research interests focus on the evolution and ecology of developmental traits in marine invertebrates. His PhD explores how life history affects adult metabolic rates in marine invertebrates, using comparative methods to observe trends across marine clades. The life history traits focussed on include the mode of larval development, effects of eggs laid in egg masses, and how environmental forces affecting larvae drive changes in adults.

Aleksandra Kovacevic – PhD Candidate (co-supervised)

Aleksandra is based in the Chown Lab at Monash University. Her current research looks at the effects of environmental variation on thermal tolerances in Collembola.

Agnieszka Gudowska – Visiting PhD Candidate

Agnieszka is visiting the Evolutionary Physiology Lab from Jagiellonian University (Kraków, Poland), where she is currently completing her PhD on biotic and abiotic factors affecting metabolic rate and body composition of ground beetles. In the Evolutionary Physiology Lab she studied fitness consequences of continuous and discontinuous gas exchange patterns in cockroaches, Nauphoeta cinerea.