Dr Pieter Arnold

Research Assistant

Piet completed a BSc with honours in Ecology from The University of Queensland in 2012. His honours project with Craig White and Karyn Johnson investigated the effects of viral infection on the metabolic rate, activity and physiology of fruit flies.


In 2013, Piet commenced his PhD studies in the Evolutionary Physiology Lab under the supervision of Craig White, Gimme Walter (The University of Queensland), and Phill Cassey (The University of Adelaide). This research used an invasive beetle species to study the dynamics and evolution of physiological, morphological, and behavioural traits in response to selection on dispersal propensity. Piet used multi-generational experimental evolution to investigate the evolution of traits at simulated range edges in the lab, which identified key traits that are potentially involved with dispersal and biological invasions. Piet submitted his PhD thesis in August 2016 and was conferred in January 2017.

Piet took up a research assistant position at Monash University with the Monro and White lab groups in January 2017. Current projects are investigating evolutionary rescue in marine invertebrates and the relationship between fitness and metabolic rate.

Email: pieter.arnold@monash.edu

Web: ResearchGate | Google Scholar | Website


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