Lina Vo

Research Officer


Lina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Monash University. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in several field-based research projects in Victoria, Australia and Borneo, Malaysia, demonstrating her passion for research and experimentation. She has also volunteered before transitioning to a Research Support Officer for the Macroecology Research Group. 

Lina has always been intrigued by the study of metabolism, an area of research that she feels there is a lot to learn and explore in. This led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science Honours degree with Professor Craig White in 2020. Her thesis examined the growth and locomotor performance of cockroaches (Nauphoeta cinerea) as their energy expenditure was manipulated.

Lina currently works as a Research Officer with the Evolutionary Physiology Research Group at Monash University, where she assists Professor Craig White in exploring the role of physiology in structuring communities. Despite encountering doubts along the way, Lina is proud of her work and the impact it will have on the wider community. Lina is grateful to be part of the team and is looking forward to making more significant contributions in the future.