2012 so far…

The lab has grown significantly in 2012, with the addition of three new honours students as well as the return of Phil Matthews from Adelaide.  Phil will take up an Australian Research Council DECRA in April, and will continue his work on discontinuous gas exchange in insects.  Recent publications from the lab include the first paper from Nat’s PhD showing that cockroaches that breathe discontinuously survivive food and water deprivation better than those that do not.  Other recent publications have examined the mechanistic basis of discontinuous gas exchange in several species of insect, including beetles, grasshoppers, and our ever-popular cockroaches.  We have also documented the scaling of metabolic rate in marine bryozoans, the association between bone vasculature and activity capacity in dinosaurs, the effect of UV-B on metabolic rate in tadpoles, and metabolic cold adaptation in fish.  Full details of recent publications are available here.

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