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PhD Opportunities in Evolutionary Physiology

We are expanding! In 2020, we have openings for up to four PhD positions to work on projects related to the evolution of physiological traits – particularly body size, metabolic rate, and water loss. Full details are available here.

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Spiralling body mass

In the coming year a group of us from the School of Biological Sciences at Monash Uni will roll out a new course: SCI1200 – Humans, Evolution, and Modern Society. Part of my lecture series in SCI1200 will cover the human obesity epidemic; in those … Continue reading

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Summarising your research impact

When applying for funding, we are given space to convince the grant reader that our research track records are important. We are given the chance to convince the reader that someone, somewhere has cared about our research enough to publish … Continue reading

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Attention honours students!

The Evolutionary Physiology group is now established at Monash University, and expanding. Prospective students can view potential projects here, or are welcome to discuss their ideas for potential projects with Craig.

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Physiological plasticity increases resilience of ectothermic animals to climate change

Frank Seebacher, Craig R. White, Craig E. Franklin. Nature Climate Change. Understanding how climate change affects natural populations remains one of the greatest challenges for ecology and management of natural resources. Animals can remodel their physiology to compensate for the effects … Continue reading

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The end of 2013….

2013 has been another big year for the lab!  Five honours students completed, and all received well-deserved Class I grades – Hugh Winwood-Smith and Niky Wu each received the top grade in their cohort; we received ARC Discovery funding for … Continue reading

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The beginning of 2013…

Although this front page has been static, there has been a great deal of activity in the Evolutionary Physiology lab during 2012 and into 2013.  Natalie Schimpf has completed her PhD, Pieter Arnold has commenced a PhD, five new honours … Continue reading

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2012 so far…

The lab has grown significantly in 2012, with the addition of three new honours students as well as the return of Phil Matthews from Adelaide.  Phil will take up an Australian Research Council DECRA in April, and will continue his … Continue reading

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Metabolic rate reveals the demands of an Arctic existence in cormorants

A new paper, just published in Ecology, examines day-to-day variation in the energy expenditure of great cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo at the northern limit of the range, above the Arctic circle.  Using a biologging approach, we measured metabolic rate and diving … Continue reading

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Using light as a lure is an efficient predatory strategy in an Australian glowworm

The results of Robyn Willis’ honours research, supervised by Dave Merritt and Craig White, has shown that bioluminescence is cheap for the Australian glowworm Arachnocampa flava.  Her paper has just appeared online in the Journal of Comparative Physiology B.

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